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Deep and Wide Wound, Thankfully H+ Was There


One day, while I was washing dishes, I accidentally cut my palm on the bottom of a cracked glass, causing a significant amount of bleeding. The wound was long and deep.

Suddenly, I remembered that we had H+ at home. I quickly grabbed the H+ and started spraying it frequently on the wound. Surprisingly, within just 10 minutes, the bleeding stopped, and the wound was no longer oozing blood.

I didn't go to the hospital for stitches because I was afraid of the prospect of stitches and the lack of pain relief there. Instead, I kept spraying H+ at home and took i30B to aid in the wound's healing.

In a short span of one week, my wound miraculously healed very quickly. I had heard from friends that they accidentally cut their palms and took two months to fully recover. However, with the use of H+, my palm was completely healed in just over a week. The effect of H+ is truly amazing, and I'm grateful to have this miraculous product at home.


2° REOX Series H+

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