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Improvement of constipation for up to 40 years

Hello everyone, first of all, I would like to thank the Return Legacy for introducing such a good product to Taiwan, so that I can get in touch with it at this age. People say that life begins at 70. I am very happy that I met Inheritance Company when I was 70. It was he who made me change my future.

I belong to the post-war baby boomer group. In the era when supplies were scarce and everyone's life was very difficult, I had to work hard for my career. At the age of 38, I went to mainland China to invest and open a factory. At that time, I was working tirelessly for my career, often having abnormal work and rest, and had to take care of 3 children, which led to physical problems. I have the three highs you know and the three highs you don’t know. Hereditary diabetes made me need to take insulin for a long time. The HbA1c was as high as 15 points, pulmonary fibrosis, xerosis, high blood pressure, and heart stents. Because of these diseases, I have to use medicines for a long time, whether it is Western medicine, Tibetan secret medicine, health food, and so on. I used to spend 20,000 yuan a month on healthy food, but these products did not improve my body. The pain and discomfort in my body cannot be described in words.

Also, I have had carsickness since I was a child, but for my family, I became a bus lady when I was 15 years old. In the first three months, I was dizzy and vomited, and my body suffered a lot. It was okay, mainly because I took 9 buses a day. Bless me to find medicine or skin care products that make me healthier and more comfortable, and my nobleman will appear soon.

Jennifer came to my house to care about me and let me know that there is a product with this technology. As soon as I tried it, I knew it. This is the life-saving elixir I was looking for. Since I started using the heritage products, everything has made me very excited. After using the product for about a month, I found that my lungs were fibrosis. good. When I used to go shopping in Tamsui Old Street, I had to take 4-to 5 breaks along the way. This time I only took 1 break when I went in mid-September. I am really happy. There is also my long-term constipation problem. For 40 years, I have had to rely on medicine or bowel cleansing to solve it. In addition to drinking Immunity 3 Treasures, I also added chia fiber powder. Now I don’t need to rely on medicine to make my bowel movement feel unprecedentedly comfortable. I have had a bowel movement that I haven’t had for more than 40 years. It’s an amazing technological product that makes my stomach feel very comfortable, just like Dr. Hiroshi Shinya, an expert in gastroenterology, said that people with a healthy stomach don’t get sick. For facial maintenance, I used H+, a legain, and redoxy. After that, my face became brighter, the muscles of my face became tighter and more elastic, and the puppet text faded a lot.

Now I have become healthy, beautiful, and confident after using the products of Inheritance Company. I am now 70 years old. I must work hard to share the products of Inheritance, and introduce such magical products to young and old who are experiencing physical pain and discomfort. They can all fall in love with the world's only MMNT high-quality products that we have inherited as I do. I wish everyone a healthy and happy inheritance family with a predestined relationship.


NUREOX de'Cleanse

REOXlife iMgard

REOXlife Potnt

REOXlife Mediterranean Gold Plus

2° Le'Gain

2° Redoxy Essence

2° REOX Series H+



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