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Recovery from Rashes Caused by Diarrhea

I'm a new mom, and whenever my daughter has a problem, I have to ask my mother-in-law for help. The day my daughter started teething, she suddenly had a fever and diarrhea. Her bottom not only turned red from the stool but also had painful rash. She didn't eat or sleep for a day or two, and even after seeing the doctor twice, there was no improvement. In desperation, I had to call my mother-in-law to come and help.


At that time, my mother-in-law brought a blue bottle and I asked her what it was. She said it was H+, and many people called it magical water. Since my mother-in-law arrived at night, she used H+ on my daughter. After about 2 hours, my daughter surprisingly fell asleep peacefully. In less than 24 hours, the effect was truly magical. Thanks to your company's product.



REOX Series H+

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