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Improved Memory and Enhanced Sleep Quality: Thanks to PQQ PLUS

After turning 33, I noticed my memory was getting worse. I would easily forget things, and I had very vivid dreams that would often wake me up, leaving me feeling particularly tired. I remember once preparing ingredients in the kitchen. After cutting the meat, I washed the cutting board and knife, placing the knife on the rack to dry. Later, I realized I had forgotten to cut the tomatoes. The cutting board was right in front of me, but I couldn't find the knife anywhere, despite having just washed it. I kept asking myself where I had placed the knife, looking around but not seeing it. When I finally reached for another knife to cut the tomatoes, I looked up and realized I had left the washed knife on the rack and forgot about it. Poor memory caused many inconveniences in my life.


Since taking PQQ PLUS, my sleep quality has improved significantly. I no longer have dreams during sleep, and I wake up feeling particularly refreshed. My memory has also improved, and I respond more quickly to questions, rarely forgetting things. It truly amazed me that a small capsule-like PQQ PLUS could solve the long-standing problems I had.


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