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From Breathlessness to Easy Breathing: The Magic of PQQ PLUS

On the 20th day of taking PQQ

Before taking PQQ, because I had to take care of my elderly mother-in-law and a few-month-old grandson for a long time, my sleep quality was poor. I have bronchitis, and previously, eating oranges or other phlegm-inducing foods would cause me to cough, sometimes to the point of not being able to breathe and feeling chest tightness, with phlegm being difficult to cough up. Climbing to the third floor with a vegetable basket would leave me breathless and sweating heavily.

After taking PQQ, not only has my sleep quality improved, but my temper is also less irritable. One night, I suddenly felt chest tightness and kept coughing. I was surprised to cough up phlegm (previously, phlegm was usually stuck inside and hard to cough out, causing breathing difficulty). I felt my entire airway loosen and become much more comfortable. A few days later, I ate an orange and thought if I started coughing, I would take medicine. To my surprise, I had no issues at all. I am very grateful to the company for producing PQQ PLUS, which helped me solve my long-standing problems.


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