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Miraculous Relief for My Daughter's Skin with H+

On October 6, my baby girl developed symptoms of hives in her belly and armpits, which were red, swollen and itchy. She kept scratching, and the more she scratched, the itchier she became. She was crying from the discomfort as well.


I searched online to see if there were any solutions. I saw someone on the Internet saying that H+ could help relieve itchiness, so I quickly placed an order and bought one for my daughter.


 As soon as I got H+, I sprayed it on her affected areas. In just one day, the redness, swelling and itching on my daughter's belly and armpits disappeared. I just want to say that the H+ effect is really good. It works on children's skin as soon as I spray it, and it has no smell. It’s really amazing and I’m so grateful.



REOX Series H+

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