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The Healing Miracle of H+

On October 6, 2023, I was pouring gasoline into the fire while I was working, which accidentally led to catching fire myself. I suffered second-degree burns covering 25% of my body.


Following a friend's suggestion, I bought H+ to spray on the burns. Initially, serous fluid was oozing from the burnt area on my back. After just one day of using H+, the wound dried up rapidly, and the pain disappeared. I continued the H+ spray regimen in the following days. The part of my ankle that was initially oozing pus cleared up after 2 days of treatment. Consistently applying H+, the burns on my back healed at a fast pace, with the peeling skin almost fully recovered. H+ is truly miraculous. In just one week, H+ swiftly repaired my burn wounds



REOX Series H+


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