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No Worrying with H+

On September 3rd, at noon, I took my child to attend my cousin's apartment-style wedding. The wedding reception was in a garden with a connected balcony, and the door was left open. My younger child ran back and forth in the garden several times, and I followed closely behind. My younger child became more and more familiar with the garden's paths.

I'm not sure when the glass door was closed, and the sunlight in the garden shone through the glass door, making it seem as if the door was still open. Just as my sister and I had been chatting for less than 5 minutes, we heard a loud noise 'Bang!'. All the guests and I rushed over and saw my younger child sitting on the ground. He had hit the glass door leading to the garden. My younger child didn't cry, but he had a large bump on his forehead.

When we returned home, I immediately sprayed H+ on my child's forehead because H+ can reduce swelling. After several sprays in a row, I noticed the bump on my younger child's forehead had reduced. By evening, the bump had gone down a lot. However, our relatives were still distraught and kept calling me, urging me to take my child to the doctor. The next day, I took my child to the doctor. After examining my child, the doctor said that my child was fine. I showed the doctor the photo taken on the first day my child bumped his head, and the doctor was surprised, saying, 'That's a big bump!' Because of H+, my child's bump disappeared so quickly.

After seeing the doctor, I informed my relatives that my child was fine and reassured them. In less than a week, the bump on my child's forehead had mostly disappeared, leaving only a slight bruise. I am truly grateful for having H+ as it allowed me as a mother, to be so at ease. Sudden accidents involving children always make mothers worry excessively, but H+ gives me and my child peace of mind.


2° REOX Series H+

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