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The 2-month detox plan gradually regained my confidence

Since my pregnancy and childbirth, my body weight has never returned to what it used to be. I am very much in favor of body detoxification because it can make the body achieve a healthier state, and it can also help reduce weight and shape the body, so I always walk on the road of light food detoxification.

I have tried many times to eat less with detoxification products, but the process is very difficult, and I only lost weight during the detoxification period. Once I resume eating regular meals, the weight will slowly return.

Thankfully, I came across Heritage's detox program. I have been taking Heritage's products for 4 months, and I have done a 2-week detox program twice in between. I see hope because following the detoxification of the heirs is not only strenuous but also very effective.

During the 2 detoxification sessions, not only did I lose 5 kg, but my body fat also dropped significantly. The drop in body fat made my weight never return, and the muscles of my body gradually increased, and my waist circumference was even smaller by 5cm. These changes shocked me, and I will continue to follow 215detox to make my condition better and better.

In the 4 months that I have been using the products of Inheritance Company, I must have a cup of potent every morning, Mediterranean plus, imgard. Breakfast is replaced by cereals, my menstrual period plus W+ to regulate female hormones, plus a two-week detox plan every two months, really let me gradually regain my confidence and slowly move towards my goal.


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