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30-Day Effectiveness: The Miracle of PQQ in Improving Sleep and Memory

My name is Jade. Before taking PQQ, my biggest problem was that I couldn't sleep well and was easily awakened. For instance, if someone opened a door, turned on a fan, or switched on a light, I would be immediately disturbed. Once awakened, I would get very angry. As a result, my mental state was very poor, and I felt exhausted all day. Even though I had many things to handle, I felt too drained to do them, and I was always tired. Although I was only in my 30s, I felt like my body was in its 50s. I always felt tired, which also led to very poor and worsening memory.

After taking PQQ, my sleep, mental state, and memory all improved. In less than a month, I noticed the changes, and my family noticed them too. As I mentioned earlier, I used to be easily awakened. One day, my daughter told me she had come to my room the previous night, and I had no idea she had come in. This surprised me, and she also said I was sleeping very deeply. This has been a great help to me. Now I wake up feeling very refreshed every day. Because I sleep well, my mental state has improved, and my memory is better than before. Although I can't say my memory has improved by 100%, it is much better than it used to be. Previously, I would forget things until someone reminded me, but now I can remember on my own.


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