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No more menstrual discomfort, better sleep quality

This time, I participated in the detox215 body cleansing activity and carefully recorded my diet every day.

Breakfast: 2 spoons of high protein powder + 300 cold boiled water + 3 treasures

Chinese food: micro starch + light food + 1 pack of enzyme + 300 cold boiled water

Dinner: micro starch + light food + 1 pack of enzyme + 1 pack of small green

The protein promix is the best I have ever had. It is just right for breakfast, and fiber drinks it before going to bed. After waking up in the morning, I can smoothly empty out what I ate the day before so that the body will not be burdened.

I also drink potent every day, and I have been drinking like this for almost 2 months. After experiencing it, after the menstrual period comes, there is no menstrual discomfort, and it also improves the quality of my sleep. It is really a high-quality food, thank you for passing it on.


REOXlife iMgard

REOXlife Potnt

REOXlife Mediterranean Gold Plus


NUREOX de'Cleanse

NUREOX Protein Promix


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