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PQQ Changed My Life: Improvements in Sleep and Knee Problems

I have entered menopause, and sleep problems have been my biggest distress. Although I can fall asleep, I always have many dreams and have a lot on my mind every night when I close my eyes, so I don’t sleep well and feel a bit tired when I wake up. Moreover, the nerve pain in my knees makes it impossible for me to squat. Therefore, every time I go out, I have to find a toilet with a seat.

After taking PQQ, I can fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night without dreaming. Additionally, since I can't squat to use the toilet, I always have to go upstairs to use the seated toilet. But one day, I couldn't hold it any longer and had to use the squatting toilet downstairs, and I found that I could squat! This made me very happy. Moreover, sometimes when I drive long distances, I need to use my hands to lift my legs down when I reach the destination. My mother felt very sad seeing this, and I told her it was because of the nerve pain in my knees. I also had an X-ray and tried traditional Chinese acupuncture, but nothing solved my problem.

After taking PQQ for more than a month, I felt no more pain. Previously, I needed to place a pillow under my knees to sleep comfortably, but now I no longer need to do that.


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