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After my surgery, the pain in my left leg persisted for a long time, and I had also undergone surgery on my lower back. Additionally, my neck often felt sore. On top of that, I accidentally fell, and now my leg is always in pain. The doctor could only prescribe painkillers for me. Without them, the pain would be unbearable. I had to take two painkillers each morning and evening, totaling four pills a day. If I didn't take the painkillers, the pain would be intolerable. Although I could still walk, I had to stop every few minutes because the pain in my leg and back was excruciating.

Later, the vice president introduced me to PQQ. After taking PQQ, although I can't say the pain is completely gone, I feel much more at ease and the pain is less intense. Previously, walking felt like dragging my leg, but now I can move easily.


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