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PQQ: Solving Postpartum Pain and Insomnia

My name is Yeen Mee. After giving birth, I needed to take care of my baby, which resulted in frequent pain in my neck, lower back, and shoulders. I had to visit the doctor at least once or twice a month to get pain relief injections, and even taking painkillers didn't help much. Moreover, I had long-term insomnia. Normally, people can fall asleep within 30 minutes, but even after closing my eyes, I would toss and turn for two to three hours without being able to sleep.

I still remember the first time I took PQQ. It was miraculous; in less than 15 minutes, I noticed the pain in my lower back and shoulders was reduced by at least half. After the product was launched, I took it for about a month, and I found that my body no longer had any pain.

What surprised me the most was my sleep quality. Now, even if I sleep only five to six hours a day, I wake up feeling very energetic, unlike before when I would still linger in bed. An additional benefit I really like is that I used to forget things easily, but after taking PQQ, I feel my memory has improved.


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