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Spine problems improved

Since I used the I30b products of Return Legacy, my original lumbar spine problems have improved a lot~

Today I took the train back to Changhua from Toufen; I used to walk home from Changhua Station (approximately: 2 kilometers) and my whole lumbar spine was so sore that I couldn’t straighten it. Today I tried to walk home and felt very relaxed, which made me overjoyed.

In addition, I added H+ water to the skin care product SK-2, which I was using to mix it. I was very surprised that the skin care product would feel sticky on the skin surface and not absorbed into it, but after adding H+ water, it would not be sticky at all, and it felt that the skin had absorbed enough nutrients. I felt the power of MMNT young molecules. Only when you feel the effect of the product on yourself can you dare to share it out loud.


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